Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Charlton Comics Panel with special guest Roy Thomas

TC Ford, Roy Thomas, Mort Todd, and Paul Kupperberg. Photo by Charlie Hunt
At 3:00pm on Saturday, August 15 I had the pleasure of sitting down for almost an hour and a half with Roy Thomas, Mort Todd, TC Ford, and filmmakers Keith Larsen and Jackie Zbuska for the 2015 Connecticut ComiCONN Charlton Comics panel. We talked Charlton past, present, and future, and premiered the teaser trailer for the epic Charlton Comics: The Movie documentary!

You can check out the trailer at Charlton Comics: The Movie and hear the panel, posted on my website, PaulKupperberg.com (this because of the rigors Blogger puts you through to post audio files here).

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  1. Paul, et all...this weekend was a BLAST! How much more can anyone say about sharing a stage with you, Mort, TC and of course Roy. Jackie, Dennis Peters (our LA based producer) and I are completely honored and privileged at the opportunity to work with you all on the amazing story of Charlton and feel that by this time next year, Charlton Comics/Charlton NEO will be on the lips of thousands of fans at the cons.

    Thanks to you all and we look forward to collaborating well into 2016 and beyond!

    Keith, et all
    Charlton Comics: The Movie