Thursday, October 16, 2014

Found Treasures: A Dick Giordano Charlton Cover Gallery

Neophyte Rob Jones, one-time assistant to the legendary Dick Giordano, has been so kind as to share scans from his collection of photocopies of Classic Charlton covers by the iconic artist. And, while you're here online, check out Rob's website, Perfect Storm Publishing.

Cheyenne Kid #43 (December 1963)

Outlaws of the West #44 (August 1963)

Six-Gun Heroes #72 (January 1963)

Six-Gun Heroes #79 (March 1964)

Six-Gun Heroes #74 (May 1963)

Texas Rangers In Action #43 (January 1964)

Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshall #52 (February 1962)

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