Friday, October 3, 2014

Now Available! Charlton Neo T-Shirts

Display your Charlton Neo freak with pride! 
The line of Charlton T’s are now available! 
Available in sizes S - XXL 
$20.00 each

Charlton Action Stars by Joe Staton
Charlton Comics’ top 70s Action Stars in a T-shirt by one of Charlton’s top artists, Joe Staton! Features his popular creation E-Man, along with Yang and Liberty Belle.
Art © Joe Staton

The Charlton Arrow Logo
The logo for the fun comics for fun people, on a T-shirt! Logo designed by Troy Lowe.

Miss Bikini Luv by Batton Lash
The hippest go-go gal of the 1960s make a Charlton Neo comeback in this gear fashion accessory drawn by Batton Lash from The Charlton Arrow #1.
Art © Batton Lash

Billy the Kid by Jose Delbo
Out of Charlton’s Wild West comes Billy the Kid as drawn by one of his original artists, Jose Delbo, for Charlton Pulp #1.
Art © Jose Delbo

Samantha Chance by Dana Black
From the not-so-far-flung future comes Samantha Chance in a new feature by Roger McKenzie with art by Dana Black, appearing in Charlton Pulp #1.
Art © Dana Black

Ghosts of Evils Past by Rick Stasi & Barbara Kaalberg
Writer Paul Kupperberg’s take on the fate of the classic Charlton Action Stars from The Charlton Arrow #1, with psychedelic art by Rick Stasi & Barbara Kaalberg.
Art © Rick Stasi & Barbara Kaalberg

Charlton Horror Hosts by Mort Todd
Meet the beloved Charlton Horror Hosts at an art show featuring many original Charlton Comics horror covers in this amusing piece by Mort Todd from The Charlton Arrow #1. 
Art © Mort Todd

Hospital Heat: Chapter 1 by Joe Staton
Illustration by comics genius Joe Staton that accompanied the first chapter of the Hospital Heat serial by Larry Wilson in The Charlton Arrow #1.
Art © Joe Staton

 Hospital Heat: Chapter 2 by Mort Todd
The second chapter of the Hospital Heat serial by Larry Wilson from The Charlton Arrow #3, illustrated by Mort Todd.
Art © Mort Todd

Jonnie Love by Michael Mitchell
Charlton Romance Comics’ groovy troubadour of the highways, Jonnie Love, brought back to life by writer/artist Michael Mitchell in The Charlton Arrow #1.
Art © Michael Mitchell

Mr. Mixit by Steven Butler
The Neo generation of Charlton Action Stars, Mr. Mixit! A new breed of hero that has roots in super comic tradition by Roger McKenzie & Steven Butler!
Art © Steven Butler

Atomik Monkey by Mort Todd
All the classic radioactive funny animals from Charlton past inspired a new super-simian, The Atomik Monkey by Brad Hamlin and Mort Todd.
Art © Mort Todd

Charlton Neo Logo
Show you’re part of the hip new Charlton Neo generation with this T-shirt embossed with the new logo based on the classic Charlton “Big C” logo of the 60s.

Charlton Horror Host Pool Party by Mort Todd
The climax of the Horror Hosts return for The Charlton Arrow #1 by Lou Mougin & Mort Todd! Party on, horror hosts!
Art © Mort Todd

Secret Romance #2 by Dean Haspiel
The artistic masterpiece cover art for Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances #2 by Dean Haspiel.
Art © Dean Haspiel

Spookman Triumphant! By Sandy Carruthers
The fearsome majesty of The Spookman! A moody scene from Roger McKenzie & Sandy Carruthers’ horrific series in The Charlton Arrow and Charlton Action.
Art © Sandy Carruthers

Spookman Mirror by Sandy Carruthers
The Spookman is com in’ after ya! A reflective moment from Roger McKenzie & Sandy Carruthers horrific series in The Charlton Arrow and Charlton Action.
Art © Sandy Carruthers

Travest by Sandy Carruthers
Gabriel Travest was haunted by the lost souls trapped between Heaven and Hell as he roamed the western frontier. Travest: Spirit Talker from Roger McKenzie & Sandy Carruthers appearing in Charlton Wild Frontier.
Art © Sandy Carruthers

Turis by Neil Vokes
Decades after he first appeared in Charlton Comics, Turis the Swordsman returns under the hands of his original creator Paul Kupperberg and barbaric art by Neil Vokes.
Art © Neil Vokes

Winnie the Witch by Mort Todd
One of the most popular Charlton Horror Hosts, Winnie the Witch currently handles rejection letters at Charlton Neo.
Art © Mort Todd

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