Saturday, September 6, 2014

Neo-News #1: Not Just Superheroes...But We’ve Got Those Too!

The first two issues of The Charlton Arrow (with #3 shipping soon!) have struck a cord with fans of the classic Charlton Comics line and new readers alike...not to mention creators old and new who have been popping up everywhere wanting to be a part of the Arrow Action, including Charlton Comics veterans like Nicola Cuti, Joe Staton, John Byrne, Jose Luis Gracia-Lopez, Frank McLaughlin, and Paul Kupperberg.

Not content to rest on our laurels, Charlton Neo is on the move, with new titles (and characters!) in the works and even more in the planning stages!

And for these new titles, we’re taking our cue from the Charlton Comics of old! Mainstream comics have turned into a cycle of events and stunts, continued and overlapping epics that bring a whole new meaning to the concept of the “never-ending story.” Charlton Classic not only published the entire spectrum of genres (horror, science fiction, romance, war, humor, funny animals, hot rods, surfing, celebrities, as well as superheroes), most of them as anthology titles featuring a variety of stand-alone, one-off stories by an array of talents.

That’s the plan here at Charlton Neo as well. Anthology titles in all genres. Great stories. Awesome art. And, oh yeah. It’s all creator owned, so when you buy The Charlton Arrow or any Charlton Neo title, you’re not benefiting corporate coffers but the writers and artists who labor long and hard to bring you the freshest and best comics they can create.

Charlton Action 
E-Man by Joe Staton & Nicola Cuti
So many great stories and characters by so many great creators, we may need a giant-sized super-spectacular to showcase them all!

 E-Man, one of the best and most beloved of the Charlton Action Heroes returns in the first of a 3-part tale, with story and art by character creators Nick Cuti (former editor, Charlton Classic) and Joe Staton (DC Comics, First Comics, and Harvey Award winning artist of the Dick Tracy newspaper strip)!

Then writer Roger McKenzie (Daredevil, Captain America) and artist Sandy Carruthers (Men In Black, Captain Canuck) continue the adventures of Spookman (originally created by Charlton Classic mainstay Pat Boyette) that they began in The Charlton Arrow #1!

But it’s not all revivals! Mr. McKenzie contributes a veritable legion of action heroes in all-new stories, including: Mr. Mixit, with Steven Butler (Badger, Web of Spider-Man) and Mort Todd (Superman, Spider-Man); Ink, with Kevin S. Halter, Shark, with Jack Snider, and Liberty, with Arden Belfry.

Also in the works for Charlton Action are all-new creations by Paul Kupperberg (Superman, “The Death of Archie”) and Rick Burchett (Batman, The Black Hood), Chuck Dixon (Batman, The Punisher) and Neil D. Vokes (Superman Adventures), and writer David Michelinie (Superman, Iron Man)!

Mr. Mix-It by Roger McKenzie, Steve Butler & Mort Todd

Ink by Roger McKenzie & Kevin S. Halter

Spookman by Roger McKenzie & Sandy Carruthers
 Standard comic book size. Ship Date: December, 2014 (tentative)

Charlton Wild Frontier #1
Cheyenne Kid by Paul Kupperberg & Rick Burchett
Howdy, pardners! While DC just cancelled its one and only Western title, Charlton Neo is just setting out across those dusty plains in this all-new anthology starring a mix of some of Charlton Classic’s long-running and popular Western heroes and all-new creations...including the never before published Soiled Dove by Chuck Dixon and the late Eduardo Barreto (Superman, The New Teen Titans)!

Artist Sandy Carruthers and scripter Roger McKenzie collaborate on Spirit Talker, and writer Paul Kupperberg revives the long-running Montana Kid with artists Pat & Tim Kennedy (Archie Comics), and Cheyenne Kid with Rick Burchett!

Standard comic book size. Ship Date: First Quarter 2015

Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romance
The first of a 2-issue limited series featuring nine new tales of love and romance, all scripted by Kupperberg and all proving that “Happily ever after” isn’t what it used to be! It’s a slightly skewered look at love, with new covers by the great Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Superman, Batman, and Charlton Classic romance comics veteran) and Dean Haspiel (The Fox, Billy Dogma)!

Kupperberg is joined by artists Pat & Tim Kennedy--inked by Barbara Kaalberg (Wonder Woman, Impulse), Bob Smith (Green Lantern, Archie), and Jeff Austin (Avengelyne, Big Bang Comics)--Joe Staton, P.D. Angel Gabriele (Fantastic Four, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents), Mort Todd, Fernando Ruiz (Archie Comics), and Daerick Gross (Batman, Excalibur), Kevin George Tuma, and illustrator Rob Kelly.
From "You Have the Right to Remain Smitten" by Paul Kupperberg, Pat & Tim Kennedy & Jeff Austin
 Standard comic book size. 32-pages. Ship Date: February 2015.

All characters, titles, and stories © by their respective copyright holders


  1. COOL! Happy to hear your back! I wish you guys could purchase the Seaboard Atlas characters too!

  2. Great to see Cheyenne Kid & Kid Montana back in action. 2 of the best western characters of all time. Really like the Cheyenne kid art that's been posted.