Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Riding the Dusty Trail to...Charlton Wild Frontier #1

Saddle up for a wild ride to the old west with six all-new adventures by the comic world’s top talent!

The Soiled Dove by Chuck Dixon and Eduardo Barreto
A saloon gal seeks revenge against her lover’s killer. How can she hope to outgun a savage killer in a shootout? The answer will shock and amaze you! Vindicta Nemo magis gaudet quam foemina.

Travest: Spirit Talker by Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers
Born the seventh son of a seventh son, Gabriel Travest was haunted by the lost souls trapped between Heaven and Hell as he roamed the western frontier, always in the shadows of this world and the next. He finds solace and peace in neither. 

Trapped Out by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz
The Great Winter of 1851 claimed many victims, some by weather, others by knife, arrow or bullet. A tale of two trapper brothers searching for the rascal who plundered their hides, and having to battle Indians to keep their own skins! 

Plus...the return of Charlton Classic favorites... 

The Cheyenne Kid by Paul Kupperberg and Rick Burchett
Cheyenne Kid’s job was to escort a prisoner accused of killing a Lakota brave in self-defense to stand trial under white man’s justice. But the victim’s brother has a far more bloody fate in mind for the killer who has yet to learn that there must ever be “Honor Among Brothers!”

Billie the Kid by Brad Hamlin and Mort Todd (with a twist!)
You’ve heard of Billy the Kid? Now meet his distaff counterpart, cousin Billie. The beautiful blonde is on a quest to track down her infamous relative and in the course of events encounters a female kinsman of another notorious outlaw…and supernatural adversaries! 

Kid Montana by Paul Kupperberg and Tim & Pat Kennedy
When Kid Montana rides into a frontier town devastated by forces far deadlier than any weapon he’s ever encountered, he finds that the hands wielding those destructive forces to be strangers in a strange land who have found themselves “Far, Far From Home!” 

Cover by Sandy Carruthers

Charlton Wild Frontier #1 is a 52-page color comic blockbuster, created by amazing talent and is not available in stores, only through mail order. The cover price is $7.99, but if you order now before the early November 2014 release date you can get it for $6.99 (plus shipping & handling).

ORDER NOW AT http://morttodd.com/wild.html

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