Friday, September 12, 2014

The Neo Eye for the Fan Guy, Featuring Your Neo Fashion Divas

Charlton Neo isn't only going to be the fashionable imprint that comics readers will be clamoring for...it's also the fashionable fashion for apparel and accessories. In fact, Neo fashion has already started sweeping the nation! Where will it end? 

Who says it has to?

Founding Father Fester Faceplant (with Allie Hartley) models the latest Charlton Neo fashion from high atop Hawaii's Volcano Park, proving the Charlton-T is hot, hot,...lava hot!
Meanwhile, back on the mainland, Neo editor and scribe Roger McKenzie shows that Charlton Arrow accessories make a statement...even in this fashionably criminal "mugshot!"

Neo writer and kibbitzer Paul Kupperberg steps up his embrace of leisure attire by asking the question that's on everybody's mind: "Who's got two thumbs and is ahead of the fashion curve?" Oh yeah, it's this guy!
Red and white logos are the new black, especially when paired with this fashionable black T worn by the mind-numbingly nubile Dave Noe. L'chaim!
With Fall right around the corner, there's a chill wind coming and Neophyte Larry Wilson shows us the way to warmth with this stylish black Charlton Arrow hoodie...although we recommend you steer clear of Florida while thus attired.
Korey Watkins hits the trail in this Golden Oldie, featuring that Charlton Classic Kid Montana and proving once and for all how the West was lost.
And, finally, drummer Max (son of Paul) Kupperberg proves that Charlton fashions can go effortlessly from fanboy man-cave to centerstage as he rocks the house with his band, Palehound!

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