Sunday, September 14, 2014

Take A Chance...Samantha Chance!

We’ve been talking a lot about Charlton Neo’s upcoming trip to the old West in Wild Frontier, but how about a sneak peak into the future? From our upcoming Charlton Pulp, here is your first look at Samantha Chance (and what a look it is)!

"When robots turn rogue, Samantha Chance hunts them down,” says her co-creator, Roger McKenzie. “Trusted by neither flesh or alloy, she walks a dangerous tightrope of action, suspense and death." Samantha will be making her big debut in the Charlton Pulp and hopefully soon, very soon, she’ll be appearing in her first comic book story by McKenzie and her other co-creator, Dana Black.

We think you’ll agree that robot hunters never looked this good before! To find out more about the amazing artist behind Samantha Chance, check out Dana Black’s Facebook pages at https://www.facebook.com/Danajmblack?fref=ts and https://www.facebook.com/DanaBlacksMagic

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